Story Prompts and Theories

Placeholder page at the moment.

Once I’ve got all the relevant links up and/or migrated specific articles from my primary site Side Quest Publications, this page will link to three specific categories:

Versions of these and other pages can also be found on my deviantArt account, in the main folder of the Doctor Who gallery.
Further links and descriptions will be added as I go.

The thing to remember, especially on this site, is that my headcanon is my own. While I will usually try not to contradict official canon, I do not expect many of these ideas to be confirmed by official canon, either.
Certain of of my fics, crossovers or not, may allude to the ideas given here, assuming them to be true for the sake of a given plot. Other stories might exist for the express purpose of exploring a certain theory. In all such cases, the posts here exist to spell out those theories without requiring a data dump in the story itself.

Other fics, other writers, may use the same theories as the writers please, but this will not determine which stories I choose to feature on this site.
That decision is based solely on the “mistaken identity” concept and the quality of the work itself.
On the other hand, if you wish to use any of the theories or prompts given here for your own fanfics and link me to them, you can do so with anything regarding Doctor Who and its spinoffs–the “mistaken identity”element is not required.


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