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River Song and the Doctor’s Regenerations

Wow, has it been a long time since I’ve updated this site. Also been a long time since I’ve watched Doctor Who, thanks to my work schedule and the fact that it’s not on Netflix. A marathon binge is in … Continue reading

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Question Prompt: Time Agents and Time Lords

It’s occurred to me recently (courtesy of family members trying trying to catch up on my DVDs) that Jack Harkness is quite knowledgeable about the Doctor’s business, even soon after the two first met. That Jack recognized the Dalek ships … Continue reading

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Headcanon: Cardiff Rift

When Eleven sealed up the cracks in the universe (Big Bang), this did not include the Cardiff Rift (Torchwood) and/or similar rifts. Likewise for Torchwood fans, Ianto could not have sealed it off (House of the Dead)… not unless there’s … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Doctor Who: Musical Torchwood

I blame some random stranger on FaceBook for this one. 😉 Or maybe it was Twitter. Or Tumblr. Anyway, on some social networking site or other, someone had made a comment about the number of New Who actors who are … Continue reading

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Story sources can come from a variety of places, up to and including reader suggestions, but if you check my links in the sidebar or the listing of Other Sites, you’ll find a list of my usual sources. Image sources, … Continue reading

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Other Sites

In addition to my own site, there are of course many other sites where such stories can be collected. Since we are focusing entirely on crossovers, has four categories of note: Doctor Who crossovers K-9 crossovers Sarah Jane crossovers … Continue reading

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The Way of Things

The Way of Things, a series by Shrak. A Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor)/Blackpool crossover. Appears on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, a Doctor Who Fan Fiction Archive. It is listed, according to that site’s categories, as both a “mystery” … Continue reading

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