Headcanon: Cardiff Rift

When Eleven sealed up the cracks in the universe (Big Bang), this did not include the Cardiff Rift (Torchwood) and/or similar rifts.
Likewise for Torchwood fans, Ianto could not have sealed it off (House of the Dead)… not unless there’s another one around.
These space/time rifts are not the same as the cracks in the universe, nor the cracks between universes that Ten sealed off (Doomsday, and again in Journey’s End). I plan to address that some day in another post.

Why, then, weren’t all such rifts sealed off?
Simple: Nine (Boom Town) and Ten (Utopia) have both used the Cardiff Rift to refuel the Tardis.
And Eleven, post-redecorating, has mentioned that the TARDIS can still refuel with “rift energy” (The Doctor’s Wife)
The implication is that Eleven and Twelve were and are both likely to need pit stops now and again, even if we don’t see it. How will they do that without such a rift?

How this relates to my own fiction remains to be seen; it may be as innocent as a mentioned-in-passing that the Doctor stopped to refuel, or a little more complicated when someone tries to open the rift.

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