Story sources can come from a variety of places, up to and including reader suggestions, but if you check my links in the sidebar or the listing of Other Sites, you’ll find a list of my usual sources.

Image sources, on the other hand….

If an image is associated with a particular story, chances are the “source” is either the author of that story or someone who created the image for their use. These images are posted on here if, and only if, I have permission to do so, but I might link to them otherwise when reviewing the respective stories.

Images associated with this site (three at the time of this writing) also have different sources.

The Doctor has changed appearance ten distinct...

Photo credit: Wikipedia


This one, added to my About the Site page, comes directly from Wikipedia, via their own Doctor Who article.




My first banner is basically just a revising of the Wikipedia image… I put the thing into Paint and moved around the faces to make something with suitable dimensions, then uploaded the thing.
I have another version, but it’s simply a resized version to account for different themes that allow different dimensions.

resized banner by kuro

My new banner was created by a friend on deviantArt, KuroDeMangaKa, for me to use on my site.
As far as I’m aware it’s still in her folder, but she did offer to upload it to her gallery so I can add it to my group DrWhoCrossoverCameo, which effectively serves the same function as this site albeit limited to deviantArt submissions.

The two banners are currently set on random; sometimes you’ll see one and sometimes you’ll see the other.
I hope to commission more banners in the near future, focusing on specific Doctors (and other characters they’ve played), but these two are good for the time being.

Now… I really ought to come up with something to use as the dev Group’s avatar.
Another simple resize (plus animation) of the Wikipedia thing? Or something that actually involves the different characters these people have played? Hmm… decisions, decisions.

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