Other Sites

In addition to my own site, there are of course many other sites where such stories can be collected.

Since we are focusing entirely on crossovers, Fanfiction.net has four categories of note:

Naturally, these categories can be crossed with anything, but if you’re interested in a particular crossover, you have only to select a secondary category, and from there, narrow it down further by genre, character and whatever else you care to filter by.
(Note, at the time of this writing, my own Doctor Who/Spies of Warsaw crossover is under Doctor Who/Misc, as Spies of Warsaw does not have its own category.)

Another site, A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, is dedicated exclusively to collecting Doctor Who fanfiction of all kinds, and they are categorized specifically by details such as which Doctor you wish to read about.
They, too, have a filter for crossovers, but unlike Fanfiction.net, they do not have a means to filter based on what a story is crossed with.

And finally, I caved and created my own group on deviantArt for the purpose.
Yes, I’ve already got one group that has little traffic, and I felt it necessary to create another one. 😉
As there is a certain limit to the length of the name, I could not use precisely the same name as this site. Instead, I chose to name it DrWhoCrossoverCameo.
Provided I’ve set up permissions correctly (and fellow deviantArtists, please let me know if I have not), anyone who is a member of deviantArt can try to submit their work to the group (by “try” I only mean that lower membership levels require the work to be voted on before it’s accepted), even if they are not actually members of the group itself. Members and admins should naturally have more rights as they go further up the scale.
I only have two items submitted to that group at the time of this writing, the first two chapters of my own crossover. Fingers are crossed that I’ll find more people out there with work to add.

If you find another such site out there, do let me know! 🙂

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