The Way of Things

The Way of Things, a series by Shrak.
A Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor)/Blackpool crossover.
Appears on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, a Doctor Who Fan Fiction Archive. It is listed, according to that site’s categories, as both a “mystery” and “romance” story, and several chapters and one-shots feature explicit sexual encounters.

The first story in the series, also titled “The Way of Things,” takes place in Pete’s World in the Doctor Whoniverse.
It is set three years after the events of DW/Doomsday from Rose’s viewpoint.
From Peter Carlisle’s, it is set just a little more than three years since the events of Blackpool… and, according to chapter one, since Natalie had joined John Lumic’s many victims during DW/Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel.

In this story, the televised events that led to Rose returning to Normal Space, reuniting with the Doctor, and finally returning to Pete’s World with the Metacrisis simply did not happen.
Instead, while working for Torchwood as an artifact-finder and ambassador to alien races, she learns that even the Doctor has a double on Pete’s World… namely, the human Peter Carlisle.

The two meet as part of an investigation into the disappearance of a Torchwood member.
Carlisle, a detective of the local police force, began the investigation, and felt rather territorial when this relatively unknown faction started poking around.
Even learning that the missing man was of their employ did not make it any easier for him when he learned that they must conceal certain key information about the case… or take the investigation away from him entirely. He actually refers to it, at one point, as having to “share his toys.”

But what Carlisle did not realize is that his presence is difficult for Rose, and indeed the entire Torchwood team, for a completely different reason.

Rose’s first reaction upon seeing Carlisle was to assume that the Doctor had returned. It took her only moments to realize that this was not the case, and she spent a considerable portion of the story looking for the differences between the two men solely to remind herself that they are not the same man.
Carlisle, on the other hand, tried to dissuade himself from getting involved with Rose by reminding himself of another case that had ended in disaster.

And yet, in spite of their efforts, the two began a relationship well beyond the professional.
Thanks to their personal histories, that relationship was shaky for a long while, but it managed to grow, until Rose finally told Carlisle about the Doctor.
And I think that’s spoilerific enough. I’ll let you read it to see how he took the news. 😉


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