River Song and the Doctor’s Regenerations

Wow, has it been a long time since I’ve updated this site.
Also been a long time since I’ve watched Doctor Who, thanks to my work schedule and the fact that it’s not on Netflix. A marathon binge is in order, though at this point I might just wait until Peter Capaldi’s episodes are on their own DVD/BluRay collection to match my David Tennant and Matt Smith sets. But I digress.

Anyway, I had a random thought about River Song’s knowledge of the Doctor’s many faces, and though I’m sure someone else has already mentioned it somewhere, I thought I’d try working out the notion myself.

According to the 2016 Christmas episode, The Husbands of River Song, River didn’t recognize Capaldi’s Doctor because she knew “all” his faces and knew he could only regenerate so many times. Because she didn’t know he had a new set of regenaterions, presumably didn’t know he could even get a new set.
The knee-jerk reaction–my reaction, at least–since Capaldi’s Doctor is the first of a new set of regenerations, is to assume she’s familiar with all of the Doctors we’ve seen.

But that reaction only lasts until we examine those regenerations.
Does she know, for instance, that David Tennant’s Doctor once regenerated while keeping the same face?
Given the circumstances of his entire existence, has she ever seen the War Doctor?
For that matter, had she ever even encountered Tennant’s Doctor prior to the Library episodes?
That gives us two, potentially three, regenerations River might know nothing about, making it possible for her to work with the Doctor in later episodes with regenerations we’ve yet to see.

Further, there is the matter of older regenerations.
If we take the video games as canon (Eternity Clock), we know that River has at least encountered William Hartnell’s Doctor and knew him as such, but how many of the others has she really seen?
I haven’t played the games yet (I own one that’s since been removed from Steam–Adventure Games, if I remember right–but I haven’t gotten my hands on the other that has also been removed from Steam 😦 ), so I honestly don’t know the answer to this. I also don’t remember if the TV show ever gave us pictures confirming which regenerations River already recognized, though there are only a couple of areas (Husbands and Library) where such pictures would be relevant thus far.

The Library marks the last time River and the Doctor met from River’s perspective (the “saved” version in The Name of the Doctor besides the point), but canonically speaking, there is nothing I have seen to confirm that Husbands is the last time they can ever meet from the Doctor’s perspective. They do tend to meet out of order, after all.
Only time, and the various creators, can tell for certain.

But in the meantime, to make this more of a fanfic “prompt,” what sort of meeting do various fans anticipate? Which Doctor(s) might River meet in our future?
For that matter, do we know for sure that River’s only had three regenarations (could there have been someone between the little girl and Mel? or–doubtful, considering the Silence’s control of her–even before the little girl?)? What might she look like if she met the Doctor in a later episode?
How would such a meeting go? How would she react to the Doctor… or the Doctor to her? How would she and the Doctor’s companion react to each other, particularly once her identity is revealed?

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Question Prompt: Time Agents and Time Lords

It’s occurred to me recently (courtesy of family members trying trying to catch up on my DVDs) that Jack Harkness is quite knowledgeable about the Doctor’s business, even soon after the two first met.

That Jack recognized the Dalek ships and had assumed that “they were destroyed” (Bad Wolf) is no surprise–a race as deadly as the Daleks is bound to be recognized sooner or later by the survivors.

But what about earlier in the series, during the events of Boom Town? What is Jack doing with that extrapolator? He’s installing it into the TARDIS… without the Doctor sticking around to help him or give him any instructions, mind you.
Granted, it might have been as simple as telling him where to plug it in–maybe like telling your computer-illiterate relatives where the flash drive goes. Or maybe the TARDIS was guiding him along. Or maybe, just maybe, Jack knew something even then about the workings of a TARDIS.

So my questions and prompts for my readers:

Some of us might remember, if we’ve read the classic novels, that the Doctor has had dealings with the Time Agency before.
But has Jack himself, either as a Time Agent or later as a con-man, had other dealings with the Time Lords? How might such an encounter have gone?

And where else, and when else, have we seen the Doctor allowing his human companions to work on the TARDIS?
Anywhere at all, in the show, the novels, the radio plays, etc.
With or without help, advice, or blatant supervision?
How have those incidents worked out?

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Headcanon: Cardiff Rift

When Eleven sealed up the cracks in the universe (Big Bang), this did not include the Cardiff Rift (Torchwood) and/or similar rifts.
Likewise for Torchwood fans, Ianto could not have sealed it off (House of the Dead)… not unless there’s another one around.
These space/time rifts are not the same as the cracks in the universe, nor the cracks between universes that Ten sealed off (Doomsday, and again in Journey’s End). I plan to address that some day in another post.

Why, then, weren’t all such rifts sealed off?
Simple: Nine (Boom Town) and Ten (Utopia) have both used the Cardiff Rift to refuel the Tardis.
And Eleven, post-redecorating, has mentioned that the TARDIS can still refuel with “rift energy” (The Doctor’s Wife)
The implication is that Eleven and Twelve were and are both likely to need pit stops now and again, even if we don’t see it. How will they do that without such a rift?

How this relates to my own fiction remains to be seen; it may be as innocent as a mentioned-in-passing that the Doctor stopped to refuel, or a little more complicated when someone tries to open the rift.

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Dreaming of Doctor Who: Musical Torchwood

I blame some random stranger on FaceBook for this one. 😉 Or maybe it was Twitter. Or Tumblr.

Anyway, on some social networking site or other, someone had made a comment about the number of New Who actors who are also singers.
This person specifically mentioned John Barrowman (Jack Harkness), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams/Pond) as singers, accomplished in their own right even outside of their Doctor Who fame, and that David Tennant (10th Doctor) has been known to enjoy singing along.

This person then suggested that, given the musical talents of these various actors, a musical episode of Doctor Who or Torchwood was long overdue. 😉

And then, a few months ago, I happened to have this


In this dream, I was having lunch at some conference my parents were attending, and while there, I happened to bump into John Barrowman.

Sorry, “bump into” is a bit vague. Whoever had decided the event’s seating arrangements put the man right next to me.

We chatted over the meal, and at some point we started trading ideas for new Doctor Who or Torchwood episodes.

I forget which of us suggested it first (or whether this detail had ever been established in the dream), but one of the ideas was for an alien parasite that compelled their hosts to sing. Not to sing well, just to sing. Even people who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, as the saying goes, were as vulnerable to this parasite as those who had any talent… and of course were much more annoying to be around as a result.

I made a suggestion about how such parasites could find their hosts and spread: what if the singing was related to how they reproduced? What if they sent themselves along the sound waves?
The good singers, then, would most likely spread more of these parasites, as the average person would want to listen to them. We would be more inclined to tune out or turn off the bad singers, so they would not cause the parasites to spread as much.
(Although, after waking up, I realized the terrible singers might be more common than the good ones, and some might have a different sort of notoriety, that results in them being just as dangerous as the good singers.)

A challenge to fanfiction writers: anybody care to write that story? 😉
Make it as serious or humorous as you please. The humorous approach seems obvious, but I’m sure there’s some way to make serious if you really want to.


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Story sources can come from a variety of places, up to and including reader suggestions, but if you check my links in the sidebar or the listing of Other Sites, you’ll find a list of my usual sources.

Image sources, on the other hand….

If an image is associated with a particular story, chances are the “source” is either the author of that story or someone who created the image for their use. These images are posted on here if, and only if, I have permission to do so, but I might link to them otherwise when reviewing the respective stories.

Images associated with this site (three at the time of this writing) also have different sources.

The Doctor has changed appearance ten distinct...

Photo credit: Wikipedia


This one, added to my About the Site page, comes directly from Wikipedia, via their own Doctor Who article.




My first banner is basically just a revising of the Wikipedia image… I put the thing into Paint and moved around the faces to make something with suitable dimensions, then uploaded the thing.
I have another version, but it’s simply a resized version to account for different themes that allow different dimensions.

resized banner by kuro

My new banner was created by a friend on deviantArt, KuroDeMangaKa, for me to use on my site.
As far as I’m aware it’s still in her Sta.sh folder, but she did offer to upload it to her gallery so I can add it to my group DrWhoCrossoverCameo, which effectively serves the same function as this site albeit limited to deviantArt submissions.

The two banners are currently set on random; sometimes you’ll see one and sometimes you’ll see the other.
I hope to commission more banners in the near future, focusing on specific Doctors (and other characters they’ve played), but these two are good for the time being.

Now… I really ought to come up with something to use as the dev Group’s avatar.
Another simple resize (plus animation) of the Wikipedia thing? Or something that actually involves the different characters these people have played? Hmm… decisions, decisions.

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Other Sites

In addition to my own site, there are of course many other sites where such stories can be collected.

Since we are focusing entirely on crossovers, Fanfiction.net has four categories of note:

Naturally, these categories can be crossed with anything, but if you’re interested in a particular crossover, you have only to select a secondary category, and from there, narrow it down further by genre, character and whatever else you care to filter by.
(Note, at the time of this writing, my own Doctor Who/Spies of Warsaw crossover is under Doctor Who/Misc, as Spies of Warsaw does not have its own category.)

Another site, A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, is dedicated exclusively to collecting Doctor Who fanfiction of all kinds, and they are categorized specifically by details such as which Doctor you wish to read about.
They, too, have a filter for crossovers, but unlike Fanfiction.net, they do not have a means to filter based on what a story is crossed with.

And finally, I caved and created my own group on deviantArt for the purpose.
Yes, I’ve already got one group that has little traffic, and I felt it necessary to create another one. 😉
As there is a certain limit to the length of the name, I could not use precisely the same name as this site. Instead, I chose to name it DrWhoCrossoverCameo.
Provided I’ve set up permissions correctly (and fellow deviantArtists, please let me know if I have not), anyone who is a member of deviantArt can try to submit their work to the group (by “try” I only mean that lower membership levels require the work to be voted on before it’s accepted), even if they are not actually members of the group itself. Members and admins should naturally have more rights as they go further up the scale.
I only have two items submitted to that group at the time of this writing, the first two chapters of my own crossover. Fingers are crossed that I’ll find more people out there with work to add.

If you find another such site out there, do let me know! 🙂

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The Way of Things

The Way of Things, a series by Shrak.
A Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor)/Blackpool crossover.
Appears on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, a Doctor Who Fan Fiction Archive. It is listed, according to that site’s categories, as both a “mystery” and “romance” story, and several chapters and one-shots feature explicit sexual encounters.

The first story in the series, also titled “The Way of Things,” takes place in Pete’s World in the Doctor Whoniverse.
It is set three years after the events of DW/Doomsday from Rose’s viewpoint.
From Peter Carlisle’s, it is set just a little more than three years since the events of Blackpool… and, according to chapter one, since Natalie had joined John Lumic’s many victims during DW/Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel.

Continue reading

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